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Edge by Panjoo

The seminal Quake II deathmatch level, The Edge, has been recreated masterfully by Panjoo. 18 months in the making, this faithful yet modern rendition of the quintessential Quake II level pleases newbies and hardened Quake veterans alike.

Gehenna by Jester

Gehenna by Jester is a free-for-all deathmatch map for 3-5 players. Just like Jester's Quake 2 maps, this one offers great atmosphere and gameplay so try it now!

In The Arms of Lilith by Spirit

This Quake2World original by spirit is a fast-paced tourney map best suited for some serious 1vs1 action. Set in a down-and-out chemical weapons plant on Saturn's moon Titan, this map offers no room to hide and demands precise and fast movement. Lots of vertical action, a good load of deadly weapons and a dense atmosphere make this rather small map a great place to fight your worst enemies and best friends alike.

The excellent textures were made by Rorshach.

Penumbral Wake by TRaK

A large-scale futuristic level, Penumbral Wake by TRaK offers free-for-all, team deathmatch, and capture-the-flag gameplay to 4-16 players. Try not to get caught staring at the original textures and exquisite brush work!

Stress Fractures by Jester

Stress Fractures is one of Jester's finest Quake2 deathmatch levels, and it's been given a dose of winter for Quake2World, complements of Yogi's Arctic texture set. Although suitable for stalking one-versus-one games, this map is ideal for 4 to 8 players free-for-all.

Torn Glory by CardO

Torn Glory by Cardo is one of the most acclaimed Quake2 levels ever released. It's dressed in textures from Lunaran's Phobos set, and is superb for one-versus-one or small to medium sized free-for-all games.

Trial by Error by TRaK

A sci-fi themed duel map featuring original textures by Georges 'TRaK' Grondin. An excellent challenge 1-on-1, this one turns into pure chaos with 4 or more.