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My Tastyspleen.net TastyCast interview

Last night [BTF]Jehar, host of the Tastyspleen.net TastyCast radio show gave me a 30 minute opportunity to explain Quake2World to the public. The interview covers my motivation for starting the project, the design goals which have brought us to where we are, and my anticipated direction for the future.

The interview will be airing each night this week on the TastyCast at 9:30pm EST, so by all means tune in. In fact, tune in to the TastyCast right now. This station has an excellent selection of tech-industrial rock that goes really well with digital carnage, and more game-centric content is being added daily.

If Internet radio isn't your thing, the interview can also be downloaded in mp3 format here. A big "Thank you!" to [BTF]Jehar for giving me the spot.

May 14, 2009 - 11:21am

Pretty detailed and informative interview there!