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Quake2World Winter 2015 (video)

As we enter our 8th year of development, Quake2World continues to evolve and improve. Here's a quick video showing off some of our new lighting and shadow effects, as well as a subset of the new level remakes by Pan. This is a first look at The Pits and Lost Hallways, as well as an update on The Frag Pipe. Not featured in this video, but well underway, are Pan's reworks of Lava Tomb, Tokay's Towers, and The Warehouse.

1.0 Release Roadmap

It's been 18 months since our BETA made an ironic splash on April 1st 2012. We figured it's time to communicate what our goals are for a 1.0 general release.

Windows Updater Issues - RESOLVED

It appears that, literally overnight, DynDNS decided to cancel my free-tier account which I've had since 2000. Apparently, they changed their SLA 30 days ago, requiring that all free-tier account holders must login to their admin panel once per month or face cancellation of services. Unfortunately, the email address I had on file with Dyn is a Yahoo! account I rarely check.. bummer.

GtkRadiant 1.6.4 to officially support Mac & Quake2World

I'm very happy to share that GtkRadiant will support Quake2World and Quake II on 3 major platforms starting in version 1.6.4, which is already in testing.


Github and Jenkins

I'm happy to officially announce that Quake2World development has moved over to Github. Github brings more flexibility and less upkeep to our development effort, while at the same time increasing our visibility and accessibility to new developers and artists, so this is a big win. We're also using Github's built in issue tracking in lieu of our old Trac instance, which remains online for historical purposes but is in read-only mode.

GPL Quake + Anticheat

Lately I've been reevaluating my stance on anticheat measures in GPL games -- specifically in Quake II and Quake2World. For years, I've advocated just playing with people you trust, on servers you trust, and leaving it at that. After all, it's just a game, right?

Quake2World Development Environment 3.1 released!

I am pleased to announce that our Quake2World Development Environment version 3.1 for Windows is released. This is mainly a bugfix/update release.

Quake II packages for Mac OSX and 64 bit GNU/Linux

Fans of classic Quake II may find our new packages for Mac OSX 10.6 and 64 bit GNU / Linux interesting! There is no compilation, Subversion checkouts, or anything else to fuss with. Just download, extract, and run. More information and, of course, download links here.

Linux Game Cast's B-Reel features Quake2World

Linux Game Cast has put together a B-Reel of Quake2World deathmatch, presumably running the new GNU/Linux binary build.

GNU/Linux binary installer now available

Linux users can now join in on the Quake2World BETA in just a few clicks. Head to the Downloads page to nab the Quake2World universal installer for 64 bit Linux, and then hit up the Installation & Maintenance page for instructions.

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