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Site outage and recovery

This weekend, fate dealt the old jdolan.dyndns.org server a healthy serving of irony, with a side of "screw you." Just days after much of the content hosted here was updated or even overhauled, the box suffered a hard drive failure while running a backups script. Some data was corrupted beyond repair or just plain lost.

I've moved the site to a new managed hosting facility, and am in the process of restoring services -- or at least piecing them back together. You can expect to see things reappear in this order:

  • Subversion
    • Update: The layout of the Subversion repository, and thus the URLs, have changed. You can now access anonymous read-only svn at svn://quake2world.net/trunk.
  • Trac
    • Update: Trac is back online. If you find that something is missing or broken, please contact me.
  • Mailing lists
    • Update: The quake2@ and quake2-dev@ mailing lists took the brunt of the data loss, and could not be recovered. New mailing lists have been created to take their respective places:
    • quake2world - General discussion
    • quake2world-dev - Development discussion and commit notifications
  • My homepage
    • Update: Not terribly important for most people reading here, but my personal site is back online.