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Team Updates, Momentum Baby!

It's with great excitement and sincere gratitude that I share all of this news. 2016 has been an incredibly productive year for this decade-old project, and I couldn't be happier to still be working on Quetoo with this team.

Panjoo, the creator of all of our beautiful Quake II classic remakes, our logo, and many of the models and skins you see in Quetoo, has been officially handed the creative reigns, and the title of Creative Lead. Pan's excruciating love for Quake2 bleeds through every piece of artwork he touches, and over the past four years, he's shaped Quetoo's aesthetic into a fitting tribute to our beloved classic. So thank you, Pan, from the bottom of my heart, and congrats!

This next update.. I have to laugh, at least just a little. He posted a wonderful Facebook update to the Quetoo page (several, actually), but didn't mention the massive news that he, Jonathan 'Paril' Barkley has joined our team as a core contributor, and has been absolutely crushing it for the last two months. Canadians are just too humble..

Paril has saved our Windows build from the brink of utter neglect, porting the project to Visual Studio and fixing over a dozen Windows-related bugs along the way. He also took on a massive refactoring effort to make Quetoo's renderer OpenGL 2.0 compliant, resulting in higher framerates across the board. On top of that, he's fixed several long-standing player movement bugs that I had basically given up on. Suffice to say, I am extremely grateful to have Paril on the team.

He's not the only new contributor, either! Since our outreach in September, we've picked up sound designer Anthony Webb, man of mystery and jack of all trades who goes by the IRC handle KaadmY, intrepid developer Coşku Baş and Spanish translator Eduardo 'mitomon' Pecina. Their combined efforts have been transformative for the project, and the stats speak for themselves.

I'll post another update with general progress, but for now, I just wanted to express my excitement and thanks to the Quetoo team. Hobby projects like ours are hard. Many have vanished over the years. They consume nights and weekends, and can wear you down. 10 years into this thing, there have certainly been times when I've wondered why I keep at this. But when I consider the friendships made, and the beautiful, twitchy, gritty game that we've forged together, I see no reason to ever stop creating and learning with Quake.