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Updated physics demo

Over the past couple weeks I've been poking at the physics code. When I started, it was some of the gnarliest looking spaghetti I'd ever seen. I like to think it's a bit cleaner now, and I've addressed some movement issues that have always bothered be with Quake2.

  • Improved stair jumping; players never get stopped dead in their tracks or shot out sideways from strafe jumping up stairs.
  • New soft velocity clamp and small air friction prevents players from attaining absurdly high horizontal velocities from strafe jumping.
    • Note that horizontal jump pads still work as expected, allowing the player to be explicitly pushed at high velocities.
  • Fixed "water skiing" movement where players can basically skate across the surface of water.
  • Improved water entry and exit logic and control.
  • Improved ladder detection.
  • Increased air acceleration for low-speed jumps, allowing players to negotiate jumping around corners and things.
  • Improved ground detection logic, allowing for triple jumps and fast ramp jumps previously not possible.

Here's a YouTube video showing off some of these features:

You can find the high-quality version of the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1W9S-T5mVI

February 02, 2009 - 13:58pm

It's apparent that you Fellaz are quite attentive of the subtle movement quirks, that - at the very least - distinguish Dm-style fps from dm-style DM-style fps.