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New Quake2World Development Environment released!

It was a busy night but I'm finally done building the new q2wdevenv.

There have been many changes: * use mingw-get for initial setup * rewrite helper scripts for build dependencies * updated all libraries to latest version * added new dependencies

You can get the latest release here: http://maci.satgnu.net/files/q2wdevenv_2.0.exe If you install into a path other than the default one please run /postinstall/pi.sh inside the shell and follow the instructions. Also please don NOT install into a path which contains spaces.

Instructions, sources and helper scripts to set up the environment manually can be found in the Q2W SVN repository.

The devenv has been tested on Windows 7 64bit and Windows XP 32bit.

Of course it can be used for other projects as well, not only Q2W. The following libraries are included:

  • AntTweakBar
  • libcurl
  • libpng
  • pdcurses
  • SDL
  • libvorbis
  • SDL_image
  • libjpeg
  • libvorbisfile
  • SDL_mixer
  • libogg
  • libz
  • and some more

BTW: If you want a nice CLI SVN client I can recommend http://www.sliksvn.com/ works perfectly with the devenv.

Have a nice weekend!