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Quake2World Development Environment 2.1 released!

Today I'm releasing the Quake2World Development Environment version 2.1!

http://maci.satgnu.net/files/q2wdevenv_2.1.exe Here is a brief overview of the changes:

  • mingw updated to latest toolchain
  • SDL updated to version 1.2.15
  • PDcurses updated to version 3.4
  • libpng updated to version 1.5.7
  • libjpeg updated to version 8d
  • sdl_image updated to version 1.2.11
  • sdl_mixer updated to version 1.2.12
  • libcurl updated to version 7.23.1
  • initial infrastructure for multiple architectures
  • some cleanups

As before: If you install into a path other than the default one please run /postinstall/pi.sh inside the shell and follow the instructions. Also please do NOT install into a path which contains spaces.

Instructions, sources and helper scripts to set up the environment manually can be found in the Q2W SVN repository.