What platform would you run Quetoo on if it was on Steam?:


With the dependencies installed, compiling Quetoo is very easy.


Create a blank folder, and inside that folder, checkout Objectively, ObjectivelyMVC and quetoo (optionally quetoo-data) into their own folders, with their respective names. The following batch file, ran inside an empty folder, will do this (leave the last one out if you don't want the data):

git clone https://github.com/jdolan/Objectively.git
git clone https://github.com/jdolan/ObjectivelyMVC.git
git clone https://github.com/jdolan/quetoo.git
git clone https://github.com/jdolan/quetoo-data.git --depth 1

After that, head to quetoo\Quetoo.vs15 and run SET_ENV.ps1. You will be prompted to enter a folder that you will store your output binaries into, such as C:\quetoo\. This is where binaries will be automatically copied to on builds, and where debuggers will be by default set up to load from.

If you are checking out the data too, you should also run MAKE_DATA_JUNCTION.ps1 which will automatically set up a junction in c:\quetoo\share\default to the quetoo-data\target\ folder.

Open quetoo_all.sln, pick your Configuration/Platform, and build!


If you've compiled anything that uses Autotools, this will look familiar to you:

autoreconf -i
./configure [--with-tests] [--without-tools]
make -j5
sudo make install

If you also checked out the game data from Git, you may "install" it by simply creating a symlink to it:

ln -s ~/Coding/quetoo-data/target /usr/local/share/quetoo

And finally, you may run the game: