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Map: Heptameron

October 03, 2009 - 06:53am

I added my map Heptameron to the game data. It finally got the per-pixel-lighting
treatment and some necessary minor updates.



The models in the garden still need need some tinkering, but
unfortunatly I bumped into an engine bug that prevents me
from rotating them properly.

October 09, 2009 - 02:24am

wow, finally! just came back from nyc, gonna get some sleep now and try it afterwards.

Ok, gave it a try. Some nutpicking:
* I got stuck when jumping though the arches from time to time. They look cool but they may be a bit too low.
* Maybe lower the water level a bit so you don't get slowed down so much, running on the trim is a bit annoying for longer distances
* the trims in the outside areas make the floor uneven and this can be a bit annoying when you're strafejumping there. difficult thing cause they look cool so I wouldnt remove them and the possible solutions aren't great (make the trims MIST or place a giant clip brush with their height everywhere in that area).