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Bug reports

June 27, 2009 - 18:41pm

*I am constantly rereading and adding clarifications and addditional details to this post, so if you are interested in learning as much about the bugs I report, plz feel free to peruse them every so often*

Sheesh, three threads in a week. I feel bad, I'm bad, you know it uhh huhhhhh!!!!!(rest in peace, Mr. Jackson=D)

O.K. yall, some of the developers of this game(Nilium and Mr Spirit the Map Maker, to be specific) and I were discussing how I should start reporting bugs in an effective way. I asked them if I should create a thread like this, and Mr Spirit gave me a go!!!(Guess I do have a justification for spamming up these forums. Don't sue me!!)

Anywho's, here are the bugs I have found thus far, I will post more as they come(IF they come=D)

1) When strafing left while moving back to the, your player model moves diagonally upwards. When strafing to the RIGHT, your model moves downwards. This was a bug I also found in the original Quake 2 game, but in Quake 2, you only moved back with right-wards strafing, not left. I messaged you in Irc, Mr. Mr. Jdolan(=D) in irc, but you may have been too busy to catch it that day. No problemooooooooo amigoooooooooooo(can i be the next Jay-z?=D)

2) Maybe this is more of an absent feature request than a bug, but: when the map changes and you are seeing the console with the bottom half of the screen blank, and decide to change your name, it won't allow you to.

3) THIS bug is a critical one in my opinion. It also appeared in the Original Quake 2, but happens about 30% more often. I'll first explain how it takes place in Quake 2(to the best of my ability), then how it does in this game. Fyi, the example of how this bug occurs in Quake 2 is the ONLY example I can possibly think of, as it's the only time I've ever seen this bug take place in q2, in about 12 years of hardddddcore q2n yo!!=D

In the rocket arena 2 pick up map in ra2map17, there are two ele's that take you to the main, "top" area. If you happen to be under the ele's as they come back down, and get "Squished" by them in a certain way, you are propelled out the actual map and into the "space" you are able to float on while spectating(a spectating feature found in Quake 2). I called this a critical bug because often times, the bug took place right in a middle of a match, which causes you to die and leave your team down one man, leaving them in need of vital man power.

Now, I've seen the bug take place in q2w, also. This time, however it happens when:

a) At completely random, HOWEVER sparse moments. For example, (and this specific example will be sparingly detailed, cuz my memory of it is vague), I was walking around one map during a game, and somehow "fell" through the floor and fell for about a height of the map devolver, then hit an invisible floor. Another example is today, I was playing against the new q2w player designer on the map trial, and I'm at the area a few feet away from the green armor that is placed at the top of a flight of steps, and he ssg's me right as I'm in the air from a jump. I then proceed to fly right through the map's ceiling.

Now, every time I fall out the map or jump out of it, I have to type kill to get back into the map(In Quake 2, you were instantly killed when you hit the "bottom"(never flew up the ceiling before in Q2.)) This is NO problem for me, EXCEPT when I'm playing a competitive game and every successful or unsuccessful moment is important To Th3 W1N.

4) Mr Spirit discovered this bug today. According to what he has said in irc, it seems that the player model is now too big to walk on the narrow catwalk to leads you to the Mega Health, on the map "Torn."*edit* this seems to be fixed now!!!

There is one more bug I have encountered, but I am having a hard time pulling out of my brain's data banks. If I run across it again, I'll be sure to post it here!!!


Thank you for reading this thread dev's. If you are a player of q2w and encounter a bug, it would further the development progress of q2w to report it here, in as detailed a manner as possible, including: Naming the map, when you have encountered it, etc etc etc etc etc=D

Peace yall!

July 24, 2009 - 15:32pm

1) Bug of console command

Description: when changing the value of s_volume, the change isn't enacted with a r_restart prompt. However, the s_volume value change takes place after a new map load.

2) Bug of game-type implementation

Description: When you load up a map and change the game-type(namely, to rocket arena) using the string of commands "vote g_gameplay arena; vote g_teams 1; vote g_rounds 1," the settings doesn't save or transfer from one map to another, for continuous arena action. This problem can be worked around only by voting "g_gameplay instagib" then voting back to "g_gameplay arena."

3) Comment about client-voted gametype implementation

Description: In the way of making changing q2w's gametype from FFA to arena more streamlined, up-to-date, and familiar to average rocket arena players, it would be helpful if the value of g_rounds and g_teams were assumed to be and set to "1"(rounds enabled) and "2"(balanced teams) respectively, when changing the server's gametype to rocket arena. This gametype modification would start of arena gameplay with rounds, as is customarily done in the original ra2/ra3/ra4 mods.

...And also, I've experienced too many times when a player is specifically told by experienced/insightful ra2'rs to switch to the other team to make the teams balanced playercount wise and skillwise--and are told round after round, minute after minute, just to have someone who's fed up with the deaf numbnut(sorry :O) )and the experience of playing unfairly due to the unbalanced teams--someone who is genuinely needed on their original team because of their specific skills--switch to the team with an numerically uneven amount of players, hence, making the teams unbalanced skillwise...which, as a result, furthers the numbnut-ism lol.

July 22, 2009 - 02:39am

1) Bug of input device(s) response

Description: When playing q2w on Ubuntu 9.04, I am incapable of pressing both mouse button 1 and mouse button 2 at the same time, and have q2w successfully and consistently give a response(as in jump and shoot at the same time, per the prompt of the two pressed mouse buttons).

2) Bug of console command

Description: after a few q2w launches, your sensitivity resets back to default and loses the custom value you were using.

(Credit: Dracie)

3) Bug of console command

Description: q2w doesn't save your custom value for the console command, "r_hunkmegs," after you quit out of the game.

4) Observation of q2w's cross-platform performance

Description: When playing my first few games of q2w on Ubuntu, it was readily apparent that the great(as in low ms) response/feeling you get when you shoot a gun in q2w while running on Windows XP, feels much more delayed/lagged on Ubuntu, that is, until you raise your hunkmegs to from 96 megs to about 512-1024 megs of ram. After raising the r_hunkmegs value, the ping/delay inherit in online q2w-ubuntu games is lessened noticeably , but still does not feel as fast as the response level found when running q2w on Windows XP.

I feel that making note of this observation here is very relevant, as even though it isn't exactly a "bug" type of an issue, it is quite obvious that one of the main focuses of improving q2w over the original Quake 2 is making the quake experience as "smooth and responsive" as possible. Though this has not been stated explicitly anywhere that I have read on this site, it's just *easy* to tell that Quake 2 World was developed for the discerning/veteran online gamer, who absolutely craves for just *one more* ms delay to be removed from his gaming experience, if only "to get an advantage over my opponents!!"


There are trade-offs for using Windows XP over Ubuntu while running Quake 2 World, namely 1) Mouse tracking in q2w while playing on Ubuntu feels exceptionally accurate and smooth, even more so than the accuracy that first surprised me when I came across q2w for the first time, and ran it on XP. And 2) Ubuntu seems to render q2w's graphics with a certain type of hmm, how do I say it, Sharpness of details? Not only does textures look more vibrant and alive with all of q2w's special FX, but where as on XP, the texture details in your "peripheral" vision is somewhat blurred out, everything on your screen in q2w is displayed with clarity on Ubuntu. Here are my system specs:

DFI lanparty nf4 SLI-D
AMD Opteron 165 toledo 1.8 ghz@2.430 ghz 1.425v(Zalman CNPS9500+as5)
Muskin XP 4000 2 gb(2x1 GB)
Ati Radeon HD 4850(with latest drivers for each respective OS)
2009 Zero USB Dac/Headamp
WD WD2500KS 250 gig SATA
Nec ND-3550A 16x8x16x DVD+R/RW IDE
OCZ Powerstream 520w with adjustable power rails
Windows XP Pro SP/2 - - - Ubuntu 9.04
Some Logitech $15 mouse

At this point, the profound mouse tracking accuracy in q2w-ubuntu, along with my discovery of raising the hunkmegs value to approach Windows XP's ping/delay response, sways my playing preferences towards using Ubuntu for my permanent q2w setup.(And Yes, the mouse tracking in q2w while being played on ubuntu...has a "WOW" factor to it, it just feels *that* nice!)

That's it for now, may be back with more bug findings!!

June 29, 2009 - 16:28pm

O.K, I'm posting this info on an error/bug that Mr Dracie has encountered. Here goes!

PkzDeNL82.ltr was gunned down by Dracie 's pea shooter

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
[Switching to Thread 0x7f9bab491730 (LWP 12949)]
0x00000000004337e4 in S_LoadModelSample (ent=0x107c96c,
name=0x152f820 "*pain25_1") at s_sample.c:192
192 if(cl.configstrings[n][0]){

Using default kernel (modified from stock archlinux config) with optimization (operatron or w/e), and a 1000 Hz clock (CONFIG_HZ_1000=y)

Running Archlinux. Using Nvidia binary blob 185.18.14-1, and I have a 9600 GSO.

And here's a screenshot:

July 26, 2009 - 16:03pm


Since it seems that I cannot edit my OP in this sub-forum, I guess I will have to make a new post to report a but that I have JUST encountered=D(EWPS, THE EDIT BUTTON AT THE TOP OF MY OP WAS IN A BLIND SPOT!!)

I'm playing with Designer again, and right before the map completely loaded(Fractures), I began typing a response to Designer addressing something he had said in the last map. I then spawned, and i found that I was stuck. This is a bug that happens occasionally on any map, but not too often.*edit*I had alt tabbed out of the game real quick to make note of my encounter with this bug, and alt tabbed to resume playing with Mr Designer. We played for a few minutes, and just a few seconds ago, before he "quit," I saw his model stuck in the air in the jump position. So it had just happened to him too. I would like to report that=D Same map, Fractures.

Now, during our maps that Designer and I were just playing, I remembered that bug I told you guys about that I couldn't exactly remember. BUT NOW IT WENT TO HIDE IN SOME HIDDEN CORNER OF MY MIND'S DATA BANKS AGAIN. DAMNIT, maybe my brain cannot take all of this quaking:O)

Peace yall=D

I remember the other bug I kept mentioning, and remembered another one too. Also, I would like to fix the description of the bug of falling out of maps, that I made note off in my original post.

Firstly, when I said I had fallen out the map next to the red armor at the top of the steps, in the map trial: it's actually a GREEN armor. My bad, aha.

And the two other bugs:

1)Very, VERY rarely, when I alt tab Quake 2 World, my desktop and all of windows has this washed out, white look on my monitor. I remember this happening with the Quake 2 client Quake 2 Advanced, if I remember correctly. I have found no way to remedy this problem other than doing a warm boot. If it helps any: I have a HD 4850 card using the ATI Catalyst 9.4 drivers. I have considered that this problem may be due to my drivers or the video card, but the fact that I have also experienced this bug in Quake 2 has lead me to make mention of this bug in here:O)

and 2) This bug has taken place about 3 times in the time that I have picked up Quake 2 world(maybe around early February of this year). When I make an initial fast speed to use to fly up stairs doing double jumping(Sheessh, I love Quake 2 World's Dbl Jumping bad), I sometimes get "Stuck" to the stairs right in the middle of the double jump, as if I'm trying to run in quick sand, Looney Toons style. The paradoxical part is, even though I feel stuck on the steps, as if the dbl jump wasn't fully portrayed by the player's view gaining height, I still have all of the momentum that I had built up to fly up the flight(pun, accidental) of steps. I'm not sure if this bug is due to a problem with the map design itself, or the game's movement instead. I know Jdolan did make a mention of how he specifically addressed issues he has encountered dbl jumping up stairs in q2, with q2w, so it'll be interesting to see this bug addressed too, hehe=]

O.K., that's it for now!!!!




Here is another possibly major bug that I and others have come across. It deals with the spawning code. Many times in a 1on1, when you die, you spawn right behind an enemy when they have just turned their back from killing you, giving you an easy frag. There are two things about this.

1) This can be rather challenging for the unsuspecting opponent in an odd, "always-keep-an-eye-over-your-back" sort of way. Was this intentional? I do not know. Is this fun? For the spawned, lucky-ass murderer it is:P

2) For the spawned, lucky-ass murderer, he gets an easy kill--no doubt. However, does this require or even engender skills? I'm not sure at this point, but possibly, no.

Now, I have found that the "spawning-right-behind-ur-enemies-back" may be bad(particularly since it happens more often than not) but only if this characteristic of the spawning code ISN'T INTENDED.

O.K., that's it for now!!! Peace=D




1) Trying to take screenshots crashes the game to desktop, at least in my setup. My setup is:

Windows XP pro, SP 2
DFI lanparty nf4 SLI-D
AMD Opteron 165 toledo 1.8 ghz@2.430 ghz 1.425v(Zalman CNPS9500+as5)
Muskin XP 4000 2 gb(2x1 GB)
Ati Radeon HD 4850
x-fi xtrememusic
WD WD2500KS 250 gig SATA
Nec ND-3550A 16x8x16x DVD+R/RW IDE
OCZ Powerstream 520w with adjustable power rails
Windows XP professional w/SP2

2) There is also this bug on the map space ctf that would probably be best described with a screenshot, DOH!! Why? Cuz, the bug is rather minor, but deals with the appearance. I kind of find it hard to describe otherwise; but once again, it is a minor bug, and has nothing to do with the game's functionality nor is it show-stopping.

O.K., peace!!!




Two more very minor bugs:

1) When I use the command cl_crosshair 6 and 7, the console replies with "couldn't load pics/ch6" and "couldn't load pics/ch7", respectively.

And 2) Now that the gun models are held visibly in the player's right hand, the bullets, rockets, particles, and slugs(at a time=D) now shoot to the right and bottom of the center of any given crosshair by about one millimeter(I run q2w at 1152x864, on a 19 inch monitor). This is no problem for me, as it doesn't affect my aiming(given that it's real easy to grow accustomed to, if it even AFFECTS my aiming at all), but the weapon projectile trajectory is VERY noticeably out of place when in a ducking stance. It is no longer to the bottom of any given crosshair, but now takes place ranging from 1 to 2 millimeters away and to the right from the center of the crosshair, depending on the gun being used. It's about two millimeters away from center when in a ducking stance and shooting the MG, SSG, or SG; I find this "bug" to be most noticeable under this condition.

Now, while I do feel that having your gun show up to the right of the screen feels a lot more natural than when the gun is at the center, I did notice the problems mentioned above, arising from the relatively new wep position.

Alright, that's it. Thanks!!!



Since I've found that one of my deepest passions is writing reviews and writings in which I opine a shit load of times, I will now take a breather from all of this "bug reporting," and give my little take on The Game Quake 2 World, for all of those who are interested in it:P

One thing I keep thinking about Quake 2 World is: in each installment of Quake after q2, I feel that the main motivation behind the direction of creating the game that ID was making was, "how can we add to the Quake series." For instance, q3 had a different approach to the stock map roster by using arena'ish, instead of deathmatch'ish styled maps, and dual-core support even before dual-cores were truly known to the public; and q4 adds new weapons to the weapon line-up and features, such as wall-climbing with the NG and HB, and crouch-sliding; and came with a single player story line that follows up and adds onto the q2 single player plot really.

With q2w, I feel that under the guidance of Mr. Mr. Jdolan(heheeh=D), you guys really have developed a Quake game with the main motivation of "let us take a serious look at all the past Quake games, and even contemporary fps games in general, and see how we can IMPROVE on them and finally get it RIGHT." I think that q2w finally gets it "RIGHT" with a lot of freaking things that perhaps older Quake games didn't. And that's not to slam older Quake games, because they were all reasonably successful for valid reason. But with time comes experience, and experience is GOLDEN. Add to that that the resources one(ID) has at a specific time of yesteryear may be limited compared to the ones one may have a grasp on today, and Quake 2 World really comes across as a "guys, this is what Quake REALLY was meant to be."

For instance, the most immediate example is the dbl jumping. The first time I (accidentally) dbl jumped a flight of stairs(in the map "In The Arms Of Lilith" to boot), I went NUTS!!!! Dbl-tapping my mouse2 jump button was absolutely RESPONSIVE, and the actual dbl jump felt like I "flew" up the two juxtaposed boxes. In Quake 2, a double jump actually feels like just that--two jumps with exerted effort to move up two items. But in Quake 2 World, what is called the "Dbl Jump" actually feels more or less like "fly jumping," lawlcakes.

Also, for the first time EVER I believe, Jdolan finally creates the use of VERY hi-res textures in a Quake-based game. Again, this is not to SLAM ID's efforts in creating Quake games, as I've been severely addicted to q1-3 in my wilder days, and had a blast playing q4; but I've always found the texture resolution in Quake maps to be less than Absolutely Perfect. Not so in Quake 2 World. I mean what the fuckin FUCK, NECROPOLIS for crying out loud. That map, along with many others, finally made me FULLY appreciate upgrading to a new, high-end video card. And THAT, hasn't happened since I went from a 4 megabyte s3 virge, to a 16 megabyte Voodoo 2, to run Quake 2 in Opengl!!!(ya, not only did the graphics own after the upgrade, but I finally had a chance to play HUGE multiplayer games with more than acceptable fps!!).

Also, I find that Q2w is the FIRST Quake-based game that finally has the lightning gun "right." Whoever was responsible for the feel of the LG--God Bless you(no sarcasm intended at ALL). I mean wow, not only does it "feel" and look really good, but I think it's the FIRST Lightning Gun rendition that can safely sit within a map full of q2'esque weapons!!! AND ADD TO THAT that Q2w weapons are not only q2'esque, but q1'esque as well! What an achievement! What exactly do I mean by q2w weapons are q1'esque? If you youtube some old Quake 1 videos and just hear how they sound when they shoot...ya, they sound nice and "I'ma-fuck-shit-up-TONIGHT!!!" Somehow, you q2w developers went and took a look at q1, and remembered the complaints of Quake 2 haters and how they said that Quake 2 weapons were slow and boring, and completely fixed that problem by faultlessly combining the feel and dynamics of both the aforementioned games' weapons TOGETHER!!!

And talk about the weapons: I remember reading esreality.com incessantly, to keep abreast with all the whining, oooooops, I mean bug reports and complaints that people had for The Quake 4 Game. I specifically remember a lot of people complaining about how the railgun was wayyy too overpowered, particularly because of the use of outdated, huge hitboxes that didn't fit the game in "today's gaming era." Now, I am part of a one-man camp(by the looks of 2005's esreality community) that believes that if a weapon feels overpowered, then one should *work* on being a better defensive player; but I digress lawlcakes=D Anyway, like I was saying about How the Q2w Dev team seems to want to *improve* on the Quake series, along with make additions to it....Ya, in the Game Q2w, you now truly have to AIM your shots at your opponents' models, as if the game now uses per-pixel hit-detection!!!! WOW!! lol. This was one of the oft-mentioned solutions to q4's "overpowered" railgun problem, and it seems that Jdolan and Them were keenly paying attention to my fellow Quakers moans and groans, and decided to improve on Quake 4 with Q2w. Again, the motive to IMPROVE!!!(*note, I haven't confirmed if q2w indeed uses per-pixel hit-detection, but you sure as hell have to aim as it does:O) =D*)

As you can see(hopefully), all of these examples just prove my point. I feel that in the development of Quake 2 World, you guys have really took an inspection of all the short-comings(ya, that's the word!) of the Quake games, and fixed them right up(well, I'm not sure if it took THAT fast to fix them:O). The last time I feel that this was done on such a profound scale happens to be in The Game, Quake 2. In Quake 2, ID Software really dug deep into their creative wells and not ONLY added content onto the Quake series(with integrated Opengl support, 64-player multiplayer support, a duck feature, which has lead to duck, and eventually, the prone feature, in MANY a game; the sniper-ish weapon, The Railgun[which popularized the sniper gun in the fps world for more than a decade to come, IMO/IME])), but made Improvements too! For example! For the first time EVER, an fps game(q2) introduced TRUE weapon balance: Each weapon--from hand grenades, to the hyperblaster--could play a Useful role on the battlefield(even the blaster was used to humiliate ur enemy, if you were cocky and skillful enough to use it against him, rofl), but each weapon--from the hand grenades, to the hyperblaster--had an effective counter-weapon to stop it in its tracks. In my hardcore q2 experience, I've found that you can use grenades to suppress the enemy, but then, the enemy can nimbly use the rocket launcher to speed-horizontal rj his way past the choke point(if he had enough health and armor to do so), and attack his opponent in a blaze of fiery speed! I won't go too deeply into the weapon dynamics of q2, but ya, lol.

Q2w has shit like circumstantial grenade detonations. I mean come on Q2w, come ON!! The grenade launcher is no longer a suppressive weapon, and NOT only a suppressive weapon(if you know how to shoot it right:O) lol), but a moderately offensive one as WELL!!!

Ya man, ya.......good job q2w dev team, Good fuckin Job!!!


On The Newly released Map, Necropolis: It's newly released so it may still need some working out. At the lone teleporter in the railgun room tonight, I ran up to the tele to go into it, and noticed that it didn't have that luminous water floating on its surface, but instead, was a collage of small, transparent squares facing in a left-right-left-right manner. I thought this bug just occurred simply because of a botched map load(and loading of all the files accompanying and required for the map), but then did a "map necro" and left satgnu.net(:1998) and went back to the teleporter, and the same occurrence was there. I'm on satgnu.net again after several q2w loads(for differing reasons not related to this bug), and the teleporter look, looks fine=D

Again, the specs to my video card and the drivers it uses are mentioned above, if that helps out any=D


Edit Number 7!
O.K. folks, the clown is back again=D Anywho's, this next bug is one I found to be VERY hard to cause, simply because the bug is very inconsistent, or because my aiming isn't as meticulously bottish as it should be:P But here's the conditions I use to produce it: I "map diesirae," "give grenade launcher," and "give grenades" about 110 times, then run to the 5 spinning, small green 3-health capsules on the map's bridge and stand nearly two boxes and a half(look at the boxes on the floor, and you'll see what I mean) facing the wall. I then move my crosshair down at roughly one millimeter(again, in 1152x864 res, on a 19 inch monitor[Sheesh, it's gonna take some game developer prowess for this one!!]) below the second box-away-from-you's top border, in order to get the grenades to slide(in the way you pelt rocks at an angle to skip a pond's surface a few times). This is as close as I can get to describing how I produce the bug, and I feel that it is a pretty accurate description too, Really. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, especially with words in it, I have uploaded this .jpeg to aid you in visualizing this description. I've tried to accurately reproduce how I set up the conditions to produce this bug in-game, in this specific jpeg!!

(I hope its quality brings you years of laughter and joy, the type only the finest weed that Mr Rasta Man smokes=D)

Anyways, about 1 out of 11 grenades happen to slide to only about 3/8th the length of the full length of sliding that a grenade in q2w can possibly do; sometimes the occurrence of this bug is more like 1:100 pills launched, but so far, out of possibly 900 grenades I've launched and slid in this game, the possibility of this bug happening can range from 1:100 pills used, but never more than 1:11, apparently.

The reason I bring up this bug is, even though it REALLY isn't a critical bug by any means, "anal retentive"(:PPPP) players and such may need a more consistent trajectory of grenades out of their grenade launcher for making trick shots and shit, especially if Th3 W1n On The Int3rW3b is on(the)line:P But then, why would someone Wh0 H@s N0 L1F3 and needs a win badly take a trick shot at such a monumental moment??? I Guess to Make That w1n, MONUMENTAL!! Jk:P

What I do know is I might post some more yo! Bbl!!!=D

Edit Number 8, sheesh I'm tired. No sleep yet=DDDD lol

1) O.K., I encountered a bug that I sometimes see in q2w, and remembered another one.

Anyways, this bug happens fairly often, maybe about 20% of the time with the guy I see bring it up the most, Mr Mols the q2w/q2 player. It happens when your typing anything random(more so when you're typing more than 3 medium sized words) sentences. Here is how it just happened for me:

I typed to Designer, "remember, it's important to stack up on and control the armor, hehe=D" but what actually showed on our screen was this:

"remember, it's important to stack up on and control the armor hehe=D" -moveright 100 72868

That last part was something I didn't intend to communicate. Sometimes it looks like that, shown above, and sometimes it may look like this: "-moveleft 101 43223." This bug seems to display completely random numbers and a strafe alias. As harmless as this bug may seem, it may look unsightly to you guys, if you want q2w to look and feel and respond as polished as possible.

Now, I truly do not know what can cause this bug to arise, with the exceptions that I've seen it occur most when Mols' types medium sized sentences(maybe he can give you guys his system specs?=D), AND the possibility that hitting a strafe key a few milliseconds too "soon"(as in buggy soon) makes the game convey your message with that totally random clause added to your sentences.

2) This seems to be happening more often nowadays since I have been playing since around Early Feb., but sometimes, a map or a couple seem to totally decide it wants to not be played, and when I load up the map via joining a server or the "map" console command, q2w crashes to desktop quickly, smoothly, and without any big error messages or other noise right as the map hits 100% loading percentage. I have no clue how to reproduce this bug. From NON-empirical inference, it seems that this bug most happens on the two euro servers, chaingun.org:1998 and satgnu.net:1998. It was happening as soon as tonight.*edit* I'm really starting to believe this observation more and more.

3) Now, Jdolan had seemed to convey to me that this is less of a bug, but more of a minor lack of communication and work between you dev's and the server admins, but: at seemingly random times, a server will have a "different version" of a map than the map that I have. What it will say when I try to connect q2w.dale.us:1998 when it has the map Spacectf loaded, for instance, is: "Local map version differs from server: 2945372 != 4265520"(This is exactly what it said a few minutes ago when I tried).

Now, I am almost willing to call this bug a critical one, because from my experience with this same "bug"(???) in Quake 2's Rocket Arena 2, it is a GREAT show stopper for when you have a lot of peeps on the server having a great time, lots of male bonding, etc, and all of a sudden, a map comes up that you cannot load, which ruins the mood the gr8 game induced, as everyone may not be able to communicate to each other to quickly rearrange where they should meet up and start the pick up game again.

Aite, that's it for now folks!! Good night, I mean I mean I mean Good morning!!!

-God Bless=D


Edit Number 9

Aite, I feel that this is the last bug that I've ever ran across in my brief career of q2w...any other bug I report will be seen for the first time ever. Here goes!!!

1) It took a lot of play time to really confirm this bug, but: when using the grenade launcher to lob grenades at a player who is at any distance from you, q2w doesn't consistently play the "your-enemy-now-has-low-health" sound when you hit well-placed shots. Many times, the further away the shot was hit, the less chance the correct "enemy-is-in-pain" sound will be played. IME(xperience).

O.K., that's it folks, back to running around q2w maps!!!=D

Edit Number 10

Oh ya, this is a that I began to notice last night, while running around the map "Necropolis" with a rocket launcher in my hands. This map is perfect for reproducing this bug, as it contains a map layout that is conducive to running around relatively "large areas" freely.

What I do is, I build up speed strafing jumping, and when my player model approaches the door or an opening into another area, I continue strafe jumping in my original direction while turning to face to opening and newly visible area, essentially running sideways.

As I shoot rockets into the opening as I run sideways, and the rocket begins to reach about 2 yards away from me(and on), the "soaring" sound of the rocket begins to skip, as if the sound clip is being dropped on and off at 1-2 second intervals, giving the sound a sort of stuttery effect. Again, reproducing this bug is possible on the Map "Necropolis," because the large openings that allows you to peer into large areas that are needed to hear the rocket projectile long enough to hear this stuttering.

Now I have thought of two possible reasons that I hear this stuttering with flying rockets:

a) I am using quasi-on-board audio, and while the sound it reproduces is definitely decent, it certainly doesn't have the technical "know-how" and fidelity that stand-alone, retail sound cards can offer. And

b) I have this quasi-on-board audio solution based on the ac'97 chipset, called the Karajan Audio model(mobo is the DFI lanparty nf4 SLI-D), moderately equalized. Here is a screenshot of what the equalizer looks like:


Now, like I have said earlier, my audio solution may not have the technical know-how to reproduce audio that is this equalized without audio distortion. God willin', I'll be upgrading to an Asus Xonar DX if the auction goes well enough(:>), and I will test out this very consistently-appearing bug again; but I figured to mention it now, just in case you dev's wanted to check it out for yer selves, ya know:D edit But ya, when you're moving in a perpendicular fashion to a shot rocket, it the rocket's soaring sound makes that stuttering noise

Aite, that's it for now. Hope I have explained that bug well enough. Peace Yall!!!=D

Edit Number 11

Hi Everyone=D Here is a bug that I discovered last night. Due to laziness and the probability that the bug would never show up unless a blue moon was out, I didn't really try to reproduce it. This is the first time I've encountered this bug in q2w, but this bug is VERY commonplace in games I have played, from Mario Brothers on NES, right up to whatever=} What happened was:

1) I am running throughout the map "Necropolis" and I arrive at the lone grenade launcher spawn and use the momentum I've gained from strafe jumping, to jump across to the platform, right to the "right" of where the jump pad propels you to. However, I miscalculated the jump for whatever reason, and miss landing on the platform, but just barely. What then happened was my player model "caught on" to the edge of the platform; my player model falls maybe a feet down from the edge of the platform, zooms back up to the edge in a frame(as in fps), and then resumes falling back down from the newly obtained height.

Again, this is the first time I've seen this bug happen in q2w, but it is commonplace amongst video games, IMO. I do not know if this bug was caused by "brushing" or "clipping" or what other mapping facets there may be, or the actual game itself=]

O.K., that's it for now yall. Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.