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Negative Mouse Acceleration on Mac

March 22, 2015 - 14:18pm

So recently I was curious in testing this game and while I haven't been in any online games yet I have to say Quetoo is looking pretty good, but I'd like to report an issue I have with the mouse controls on mac, it's causing a lot of negative acceleration that I don't get on other games I play on Mac.

I dunno if my mouse is at least somewhat to blame, I tend to play on high DPIs and low sensitivities but I've tried turning down the DPI and I still have the same problem where doing quick movements is really difficult, especially if I don't keep the DPI settings turned down. Doing rocket jumps is almost hopeless without tinkering with my mouse and the in-game settings first.

This happened to me both when I tried downloading the universal installers or compiled quetoo on my own (I'm hardly good at compiling, though). I dunno what could be causing the negative acceleration or how I can fix it so I hope I can get some help here.

And on a smaller note it'd be nice to find a full list of every single console command somewhere, I can't exactly memorize everything from Quake 2...

Keep up the good work!