What platform would you run Quetoo on if it was on Steam?:


December 22, 2007 - 02:49am

I was recruited to the team as a 3d modeler.
my deviantart is
waiting for my first assignment.

December 22, 2007 - 21:12pm

Hi Bronson,

Welcome, it's great to have you. Are you able to join us on IRC? I saw your reply over at Gamedev, seems mIRC was giving you a hard time. Try the Windows build of XChat, it's very sweet 8)


It'll be much easier to bring you up to speed over IRC. Talk to you soon!


December 23, 2007 - 03:43am

I got IRC running on that program from the link you posted. I'm currently idling in the server, waiting to catch you online.
Can you tell me along the lines of what I'll be doing first? I noticed there are no 1st person view guns, will with be changing at all?

December 23, 2007 - 11:49am

Our primary goal (as you can read about here) is to recreate reasonably upgraded versions of the Quake II weapons. If done to the correct size, these can serve 1) as the world model for the pickup items 2) as the tag_weapon model for any new player models created and 3) as the view model. My thought is that these should require no animation -- even in the view model. I can hopefully just code a basic firing movement (lift up and slightly backwards) that we can apply generically to every weapon.

Now, what you've seen in the game are md2 conversions of the Generations Arena Strogg class models. They are quite nice, but not exactly what we want (additionally, the Generations team does not want anyone else to release a game with their artwork). My issues with these models are as follows: 1) The poly counts are extremely high. I think fewer polys with nice textures would be the way to go. 2) They are inconsistently sized. The GL and machinegun are of reasonable size to be tagged to a player, but some of the others (RL, for example) are massive. I think we should aim for a uniform size that will look decent when attached to a player as their "vweap" model.

If you can pop into IRC, you can coordinate with jhaa what models to tackle first. I know that we need the health models redone. And most (all?) of the weapons are incomplete. Additionally, if you just want to get started, you could skin the mesh that we have for the armors. If the UV map export is not available in rsync or svn, jhaa can forward that along to you as well.

Hope to catch you on IRC!


December 23, 2007 - 12:03pm

Yeah, as I put in my recruitment post, I cannot adequately UV map. I don't know how, and I don't feel comfortable learning it while producing a videogame at the same time. Someone else will have to do the UV mapping for me.