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Quake2World Questions

June 06, 2008 - 18:26pm

Can Quake2World be used as a general purpose Quake 2 engine replacement, i.e. run the standard single-player and multiplayer game modes, or is it just for deathmatch? How does Quake2World differ from Quetoo? Is there a local/offline version of the Quake2World documentation? I didn't see one in the Windows build download.

June 08, 2008 - 17:24pm


Q2W is incompatible with Quake2's network protocol, and so while it is possible to play legacy Quake2 levels in Q2W, you can not connect to a Quake2 server with Q2W. You can think of Q2W as a new game which happens to share a level format with Quake2.

Q2W is also meant for multiplayer games only. Adding bots is certainly not out of the realm of possibility for the future, but at this point, you'll need friends and a connection to enjoy Q2W games.

Q2W differs from Quetoo mainly in the fact that Quetoo is a Quake2-compatible client and server, while Q2W is not. On a technical level, the two barely resemble each other anymore, as much of the core technology was rewritten or replaced in Q2W over the past 18 months.

Unfortunately at this point there is not an offline version of the documentation, except the README file, which should be somewhere in your Win32 copy. When the game is released, I will try to bundle up the Documentation section of this website for inclusion in the game.

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