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Copying server adresses.

November 01, 2008 - 10:53am


I think it would be useful to be able to copy server adresses from windows, onto the console.

Thank You,


November 02, 2008 - 08:08am

I didn't find how to paste them, but i have a trick for you.
copy your quake2world.cfg to omnificient.cfg
create a file named autoexec.cfg and write "exec omnificient.cfg" in it.

Ok now edit omnificient.cfg and write at the end of the file:

alias S1 "connect jdolan.dyndns.org"
alias S2 "connect"

Save the file, load quakeworld, call the console and type S1 or S2.

Hope it helps.

November 03, 2008 - 14:46pm

There is actually an easier way. It's not documented right now because it's subject to change, but I would recommend trying the following at the Q2W console:

> servers
01. SatGNU Quake2World 1/16 85ms
02. Quake2World Testing Grounds 0/16 120ms

> connect 2
Connecting jdolan.dyndns.org:1998...

Unfortunately, cross-platform clipboard (copy/paste) is not that easy, and so I've held off implementing it until SDL exposes it for us.