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Scheduling games

June 24, 2009 - 14:56pm

Hi Everyone=D How goes it?!?! This thread is dedicated towards setting up matches for this wonderful game, q2w. It seems that there is quite a following for the development of this game, but no one actually playing it!!!

I've pondered the reasons why, and I've concluded that the reasons are

1) We all live in different time zones, and since this game is still nascent and independent(as opposed to games that have big buck advertising to draw massive crowds), people find it hard to get on the servers at the same time.

And 2) We are all busy and have lives, hence have limited time to play; so, when we are ready to play and join the server and find no1 on, we are hard pressed to wait for hours for some other soul to come frag with us.

Here is where this thread comes into play. These days I have a lot of time on my hand(yesh, I am blessed!!), and can be the critical server/match starter(the guy who first joins a server, and attracts others to it) for basically European and American players. Even if I wasn't, what we can do in this thread is indicate an estimated time of when we can play this wonderful game, so we can link up at that time and frag together!! This game is especially fun when it has about 3+ people playing it.

So what do we do now? Just post the timezone you are in(hopefully you can post it in eastern standard time, for practicality) and when you can play, and once we get a good number of peeps in this thread that are ready to link up and play together, we'll commence to the fragging!!!

What yall think?=D

Deal? Deal!!! haah

Please let me know if this game plan needs some clarification. Also, another idea to get games started is to hang out in the quake 2 world official channel, #quetoo, on irc.freenode.net(google: irc, irc clients to find out how to connect to the freenode server, or just ask how here, if you don't know). But I find THAT this method of getting a game together IS much less efficient, since once again, we are all only able to play at different, distinct times and may miss when others are ready to play!!!

Alrighty then folks, feel free to propose amendments to this plan, offer constructive criticism of it, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, POST TIMES WHEN YOU ARE ABLE TO PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON't BE SCURD, LOL<3

Peace yall<3

July 10, 2009 - 00:11am

well just my 2 cents, we should have a organized calendar to schedule games

July 12, 2009 - 15:25pm

Wasup Mr Dracie=D
I took some time to consider your idea, and thought that in the end, using a calendar to schedule games would be most suitable for scheduling competitive matches and such, the logic being that most of the q2w's players(imo) are simply casual players atm, and are most likely to feel more obligated responding to unexpected happenings in their life(for instance, having to visit a fam. member who was just admitted to a hospital) which may occur during the period of a scheduled game; as opposed to players who are more dedicated to and more serious about playing q2w, these players being the people who "love the game" enough to put aside real life issues, in order to show up to a competitive match. Maybe, just people posting when they can play in here will allow these peeps to have more flexibility when it comes to when they can play or not.

What do you think?=D

June 27, 2009 - 17:19pm

(only read this post if you gots the time!!)

Shit, how can I forgetttttttt.

I would like to request something of the developers, in order to aid getting peeps to play this game, which is in line with the purpose of this thread, lolz. Well first off, let me clearly state that I understand that you q2w dev's are busy as fuck, and have lives to live. And trust me, I wholeheartedly respect that. I'm not some little ungrateful brat that's just gonna request shit without considering the hard work that you guys have already put in this game, or(as mentioned just now), the fact that you guys are already very busy.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way=D

There is this program called xfire, which some of you may know. If ya don't, you can check it out at xfire.com. I tend to think of this nice proggy as the "Gamer's Select Instant Messaging" program, hehe=D It has some really cool features, such as instant messaging with voip-on-the-fly ability, a button that allows you to join the server your friend is on(on-the-fly), etc etc etc etc etc. Anyways, xfire has a large body of users whose preferred games span from MMORPG's all the way to Quake 2, which leads to my point...

...When I'm playing a game, say for instance, Quake 2, my user-name status changes from default to "playing Quake 2"; and this status is broadcasted not only to my network of friends, but also to THEIR network of friends too, in the "see what your friends' friends are playing" section under the Umbrella Server browser section of xfire.

I figured, Well fuck, if people who never heard of Quake 2 World sees some guy named "denl82.ltr" playing a brand new(as in 2 years-of-development and not released yet!!) game that they've never heard of=D They might want to shoot me a pm and ask me what the game is!! Is this actually a viable possibility? I really think so, as sometimes, people I'm oblivious to shoot me a message like, "dood, people still play Quake 2?!!?" when they see me playing rocket arena and such, ahah.

So yea, what am I driving at? I HUMBLY(and I repeat,*****humbly!!!!*****) would like to request that the dev's(when they can, and ONLY when they can) get xfire.com to recognize THE Quake 2 World as an official game, and include it in its line-up of featured games that is supported by the xfire program.

Now, I duly understand that q2w is still under development, and needs some bugs to be ironed out in order to sustain broad stability of this game, and such. I understand. But at the same time, as a fan of Quake 2 World, Quake 2, and fps games ranging from Quake 3 to Battlefield 2---I REALLY think that this game is ready for a wider audience. Why? Well notice first off, that I didn't say a BROAD audience, as that would include gamers who are only accustomed to games that are released out-the-box, which entails more stability than the beta q2w might have at the moment. BUT, if this game targeted ONLY a wider audience, aka Veteran Quake 2'rs and Q3 fans that are NOT keen on googling newly released and in-development quake-based games, such as this one, they STILL just might be interested in trying out This Quake 2 World, once "the word" got to their ears, instead of their ears having to find this site.

Ya feel Me?

Now, I think that it is important to mention that this audience of Quake 2 and Quake 3 fans, veteran gamers, and people who simply will die for The Game in general, will be less prone towards feeling pissed off that their game(e.g. Q2w) has died in the middle of a fight, etc, since they definitely might have hard-earned experience with that already; and as such, Quake 2 World is ready for relatively wide-ranging advertisement via xfire. Well at least, IF you dev's really took this proposal seriously, Quake 2 World can be "Broadcasted" as "Quake 2 World(beta)," which will(duh) explicitly state to prospective q2w gamers to EXPECT some bugs and such.

So the main point of this post is: Gaining xfire support is a sort of way of getting free advertisement for this game!!!!!!

Ya Feel me?!?!??=D

I would be happy if this plan was actually taken seriously HAAHAHHA. But if not, that's Fine with me! Actually bro's and dudette's, it aint. Am *I* the only one that feigns for a game of Quake 2 World everyday and just *wished* more people would play it? Once again, I understand the game isn't Gold yet, yadda yadda yadda, heheeh=D But ya...Btw, xfire also has a function that allows you to record videos of your game and upload it to their site, which will then be hosted. And All For For For Free!!! And as they say, a .mpeg, ewps, I meant "a picture is worth a thousand words." Haahahahahah=D

If this proposal goes down the toilet, I will continue spreading the word of this game and hope that we will find some peeps who fall in love with this game as some of us have, =D

Anyways, Peace yall!!!!

June 27, 2009 - 21:52pm

Hehe, you could have provided an abstract to that article. Like "In this post, I suggest that you add Quake2World-support to the program XFire." ;)

My opinion: Not a bad idea but no priority at this time. If someone wants to do it: this article seems to explain how to do it => http://www.xfireplus.com/xfireplus/xfcgs/xfcgs_tutorial.xhtml#BasicInfor...

June 28, 2009 - 00:28am

hah, w0rd. I didn't think of writing an abstract, because most of the time, when I write on Th3 Int3rw3b forums, I'm in a VERY silly mood(which I try to contain of course), and find myself writing in very informal(and possibly long-winded:p) ways, haha. But thanks, I'll keep the abstract idea in mind, because I did mention that you guys may not have much time on your hands:O)

Also, Thanks for the reference to the guide, that was excellent!! I am willing to add xfire support for the game, and followed the guide to give q2w initial xfire support, but I ran into one fuckin problem, DOH!!

When I join a q2w server, the xfire program detects q2w, but it seems that my "Quake 2 world(beta)" status isn't broadcasted to all the other xfire users on my friends list, etc. I figured that I have to send the xfire program "detection code" for q2w to the xfire team, as instructed in that referral you gave me. From there, the xfire team will distribute this code to every xfire user via their low-profile, background update(s) which will then enable them to see other q2w players!!!

HOWEVER. The link to their xfire plus subforum where I am supposed to submit this detection code aint working, nor is the link to their forums in general. DAMNIT, just ONE obstacle can stop it all?!!?

For those who are interested and can get this link to work(http://xfireplus.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewforum.php?23), please submit this code to them, along with a q2w icon(most likely the one shipped for quake2world.exe?!!?) attached, and they will add game support for this game. What will happen next is when we are playing q2w with xfire, and you decide to broadcast ur "Quake 2 World(beta)" status to xfire users who do not have q2w, you will need to download this program called "Xfire Plus: Custom Game Support client v1.4" here: http://xfireplus.com/download.php?list.7, and use a q2w xfire plugin containing the q2w detection code to be used by that program, which should by then be uploaded to here: http://xfireplus.com/page.php?16. I will do that part, since I always seem to have q2w fired up:D Of course ur free to do that too, if you're at all interested in getting the word out on q2w to the masses!!

Anywho's, here is the code:

LongName=Quake 2 World(beta)
LauncherNetworkArgs=+connect %UA_GAME_HOST_NAME%:%UA_GAME_HOST_PORT%

*no spaces in-between the code sentences=D*

Thanks everyone, and Thanks Mr Spirit, The Map Maker=D

Oh, I forgot to mention that it might be wise to submit that code to xfire when the q2w master server is back up so people can use the xfire server browser to search for servers, if xfire adds that function for q2w xfire users. Thanks.

June 28, 2009 - 09:24am

I also tried this yesterday and the basics work fine.

As you said, the rest has to be done by the XFire team - the faxt that the forum is down suggests that this may take some time. But anyway I'd suggest to talk to jdolan before submitting anything to xfire, even if the forum comes back online.

June 28, 2009 - 10:02am

Agreed. I didn't really intend to send anything to xfire(but expected a Dev to pick up the task instead), as I thought that that would escalate "the free advertising" to a higher, possibly more official level than Jdolan would have like to have seen, particularly since the debacle with Quake 4 being shipped with relatively "many" bugs when it first got released, and the initial out-cry, and even backlash towards ID Software that possibly taught many observant game developers to "take your time and do it right the first time," at least to the highest degree possible.

I thought that I'd be able to achieve lower level "advertising" of q2w, which would attract players, but not as many as would bring a mass of crying newbies whining about bugs in q2w, ya know? hehe:O)

June 25, 2009 - 13:56pm

My timezone is GMT+1 but the times at which I have time to play are hard to list.

Maybe it's safe to say that I play when I'm done with my university stuff, my gf is not around, I'm not doing sports (which depends on the weather) and I'm not visiting friends. Even if all of that applies, I may prefer to play another game or to fire up radiant and work on my next map.

It may be different for others but for me, asking on our IRC channel is the best way to get games going atm.

June 25, 2009 - 14:29pm

Haha, I feel that=D

That reminds me, here is a pretty user-friendly time/time-zone converter for us to use, if you so desired.


Btw, thanks for participating in this thread and taking it seriously, Mr Spirit the map maker!! lol<3

*edit* btw, funny avatar! hahaha

June 24, 2009 - 18:09pm


June 24, 2009 - 18:13pm

Ouch, the cynicism!! haha.

My bad, I shoulda clarified that I am a hardcore gamer and take gaming VERY seriously(read, "no life.") hahahaha, but back to business!!!