What platform would you run Quetoo on if it was on Steam?:

Is Nobody Playing this Game?!

June 05, 2010 - 22:15pm

This may sound noobish, but I every day I go on at least twice onto this game but no one's playing. Why is this? Does this have to do with the forum being almost dead?
Or is it that there are other servers for this game other than the ones that pop up when you type "servers"?

November 09, 2010 - 01:57am

I miss playing with this group of people.

Love for everyone, hope to be on #quetoo more often!

June 09, 2010 - 03:22am

Activity on forum and irc pretty much answers your question :/. Shame that such great coming game simply died.

June 09, 2010 - 17:23pm

The forums have never been alive because everybody is hanging out on IRC. You can come to #quetoo and ask if you wanna play, but atm 'everybody' is very few people (as shadow mentioned) tbh.