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how to create a dedicated server? on windows 7 or ubuntu 10.10

April 11, 2012 - 12:20pm

Hi friend, sorry but I do not speak much English, I happen to know of the existence of this game until recently 2 or 3 days time ta l, then install it under Windows 7 64-bit installation was really easy and I charm and I have several friends who want to play with me but we have a problem happens that all servers are created and cause us too LAG.

So I wonder if you could teach me to create my own dedicated server to Latin America on windows 7 or ubuntu 10.10 to get this many more players, so please I beg you teach me to create my own server.

PS: I'm a newbie, but I have also installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my pc, what is driving at normal user please tell me how I install or a server.

Thank you very much, I expect your prompt response.

April 12, 2012 - 07:38am

Hello, this is included in the documentation -> http://quake2world.net/books/documentation/server-configuration

You will need to know a little bit about Linux (Ubuntu will do) but your computer IP address will change regularly, so this might not be best for running a dedicated server.You should get hosting somewhere in US South East, to service a good fast connection to Latin America. Try www.gnax.net and www.netdepot.com. You can get "cloud" hosting for less than 40 dollars per month (10 dollars a week, not much between a few friends).

We have something similar for play.quake.ie - it's a Debian server on similar hosting plan that we have full control over. Debian is VERY like Ubuntu, in fact Ubuntu came form the debian project originally. Good luck!