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A couple of issues

April 15, 2012 - 13:26pm

Had a great time playing this for the first time yesterday, grats to all who have made it happen :). I did find a couple of niggles though -

Rocket-jumping - when rj'ing you seem to go straight up, losing any forward momentum. I noticed this most doing the classic mega jump on The Edge.
Keyboard shortcut menu - it doesn't pick up the current bindings, though if you don't edit them it will keep your current ones. I have unusual bindings (mouse2 for fwd, AS for strafe and Z for back) which work but the forward key keeps getting set back to W when you reload the game (visual only, the action does stay bound to MOUSE2).

April 16, 2012 - 12:11pm

Hi Vio,

Glad you're having fun! The RJ issue is due to the fact that your rocket gets projected slighting in front of the player, rather than directly beneath him. That should be fixable.

The key bindings.. there are a few problems with them, they were called out in the "major known issues" section of the BETA release announcement. Fixes will come, I promise :)



April 19, 2012 - 10:37am

Cool stuff :) After playing for a bit it seems to be more Q3 than Q2 weaponwise - the BFG, machinegun and hyper are much more like their Q3 counterparts (and SSG, GL but less so) , though the RG and RL are more Q2-ish (and blaster of course :)) as well as including the lightning gun rather than chaingun (though I saw the thread on the reason for that). The weapon / ammo style is also very Q3 IMHO. Still fun to play but would be nice if it was more 'Q2' and less 'Q3' ;). Another minor niggle is the crosshair dissapears when the scores are brought up.