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The state of q2w

December 26, 2007 - 18:20pm

*This needs to be done. I might be falling on my own sword here but things need to change or q2w will just fail.*

Q2W is in a very unhealthy state at the moment and it needs a good kicking to get it sorted out.

At the moment it is a solo project that has a social group around it. Apart from the programming side it completely lacks focus. All other areas seem to be a daily moving target. One day the raw low poly aesthetics of q2 are king and the next high poly/res unreal inspired content is drooled over and talked about.

At the moment q2w doesn't serve anyone well. If things stay the same it will contiue on the same path and fizzle out.

To help right Q2W there needs to be a public discussion.

All of the team members need to fill this out so it is known what people think and what they expect.

What do you think q2w is?

What would you like to see added/changed to q2w?

Why are you still here?

Do you have anything left to offer Q2W. Yes or No.

December 27, 2007 - 09:23am

Last summer I tumbled somewhat unexpected into the the quake2world project.
At first I only played to game, and because I'm experienced with code and compiling,
I commited a few small patches. One thing led to another and today I'm already hacking
into larger portions of the codebase :-)

Quake2World used to be a solo project. Such projects usually start out as a quest of
the developer to explore new things. A lot of changes have been made, and right now
the engine is up to the challenge of supporting a real game.

I think you are mistaken the lack of focus with the need for polish: there are a few things
left that are really necessary to release a game, but are rather unsexy to program:
master server support and a menu interface are probably on top of the list.

Furthermore there is the notorious lack of good 3d models. This is really a showerstopper,
without them, there won't be any release.

I'm also the creator of those two rather high-poly unreal inspired maps, as you have noted,
they might not exactly fit the style of the rest of the game. I'll be fairly short and selfish on this one:
making maps as an artistic hobby and I have a nag for making out-of-style maps.
I map as I please, the players will determine what maps get played and what maps don't.

To answer your questions:

>What do you think q2w is?
Q2W is a game under develpment.
There are things that need to be done that I can do myself.

>What would you like to see added/changed to q2w?
See above

>Why are you still here?
The people are friendly and the food is good.
I like tinkering with code. I like making maps. q2w provides an interesting platform to do both.

>Do you have anything left to offer Q2W. Yes or No.
More code, more maps. I do this voluntary in my free time so they're there when they're done.

The question remains: what should the final game look like: it's hard to tell. The past months there
has been a lot of interaction between developer and content creators. Things like more realistic lighting
and flares are only possible since recent. This als changes the limits for content creators and
moves the target ahead.

My main focus is this: q2w has a unique smooth and flowing gameplay. I'd rather have this on a plethora of maps
then to sacrifice it for a more streamlined overall feel. I always liked quake 2, but that's no reason for q2w to limit
itself to more of the the same ad nauseam.

Just my two cents, I'm only the new guy :-)

December 26, 2007 - 18:20pm

What do you think q2w is?

A tribute to the classic days of quake DM. It retains the low poly low res feel of the times and largely retains the styling of q2.

What would you like to see added/changed to q2w?

Item sets (q2/arcade). Either selected my the mapper or user. Sets could also exist for different render modes.

Name. If the project doesn't retain the q2 aestetic then a name change should be considered before the project get heavily pimped.

Why are you here/still here?

I'm here for the q2 aspect of the project. I want to fill the world with q2 goodness and create a platform for others to easily relive the glory days of the PPM whether it be personal or part of another communities monthly contests.

Do you have anything left to offer Q2W. Yes or No.


August 31, 2008 - 17:36pm

Seriously, you might wanna put up some news, or document it at least :|

September 07, 2008 - 08:55am

If you run the update script once or twice a week, you'll get all the new and shiny stuff we add to q2w.

These forums may look rather empty, but that's because the q2w team prefers IRC. Feel free to join us in #quetoo on chat.freenode.net, we're there all the time.


September 04, 2008 - 10:53am

Uhm, I wrote a blog entry that was picked up by GameDev.net and several syndication networks (notice it received over 4000 reads). We have a Quake Expo booth, courtesy of Jehar. We've had numerous PlanetQuake Pic of the Day features. The IRC channel hovers around 30 users these days. Lastly, this 2.4MB patch contains all changesets since Bort's initial post. I'm sorry you've missed all of that.