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Quick comparison of Frames Per Second.

Today, I've decided to do a quick comparison as to the difference in frames per second between Quake2World, R1Q2 with R1GL, and Alien Arena. This is not perfect or in-depth by any means, and does not represent the overall frames per second of each game. It was tested on the top edge of q2dm1, looking down at the tip of the lower age.

This is not precise: the settings are not all in-check (r1q2 is default settings, Alien Arena is low settings, Quake2World is default besides r_vertexbuffer 1); the locations are not 100% exact; all resolutions are at 1152x864 full-screen; no guns drawn on screen; field of view at 108; no anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering.

The results were:
Quake2World - 1400-1450fps
R1Q2 (R1GL) - 720-740fps
Alien Arena - 333-500fps

Alien Arena was jumping rampantly from 333-500fps; the FPS counter probably isn't that accurate.

I hope to do a more in-depth comparison which includes things like dynamic lighting, more complex map geometry, and more in-depth model rendering. I also hope to do a comparison including more games that can load the Quake 2 map format. For now, lazy.

January 20, 2008 - 19:43pm

Nice. It should be noted that, if you were drawing entities, Quake2World's items are two to five times as complex as the stock Quake2 items. To disable mesh entities in order to directly compare BSP rendering speeds, you can set cl_addentities 0 in Quake2World. I'm not sure if the other engines have an option for this, but they should.