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What's New?

Jay's periodic mailing list updates haven't gone out in a couple months, so I thought I'd quickly mention a few things that have been recently implemented in Quake2World..

Getting rid of that pesky mouse acceleration.

Quake2World picks up input settings from your environment via SDL. If you have mouse acceleration enabled in your desktop environment, it will also be enabled to that same extent in Quake2World. Mouse acceleration is a pesky little setting that often makes your mouse-input feel too fast and not very responsive while using slow mouse movements.

Here are is how to disable it in the usual major platforms. Be cautioned, your mouse will most likely feel slower in both your desktop and in your games.

Quick comparison of Frames Per Second.

Today, I've decided to do a quick comparison as to the difference in frames per second between Quake2World, R1Q2 with R1GL, and Alien Arena. This is not perfect or in-depth by any means, and does not represent the overall frames per second of each game. It was tested on the top edge of q2dm1, looking down at the tip of the lower age.

Why Quake2World?

Today I presented a friend with Quake2World, he promptly responded with a question. He asked me "Why should I play Quake2World?"

That is a very loaded while valid question. This is my public response to that individual and others who may be asking the same question. It is not in-depth, just a summary of my personal feelings about the current state of some attributes of Quake2World, hopefully a justification as to "Why Quake2World?"


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