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What's New?

Jay's periodic mailing list updates haven't gone out in a couple months, so I thought I'd quickly mention a few things that have been recently implemented in Quake2World..

New Levels

Ingar's epic industrial Capture The Flag arena Gaelish has been released. CardO's Torn Glory has been given a proper Quake2World rub with high-resolution textures, atmospheric rain, and a slew of other effects. Jester's legendary Stress Fractures has also been reworked as an arctic outpost, while staying true to the original layout. I encourage you to visit the updated screenshots section to check it all out.

Sunlight and Phong Shading for Radiosity

Phong Shading is a lighting technique that effectively softens the appearance of curved surfaces. A Phong Shading implementation has been introduced to the q2wmap BSP compiler, and is available to mappers via the SURF_PHONG surface flag. It should be applied liberally to pipes, pillars, arches, and hot dogs.

A much improved sunlight implementation was also committed a couple weeks ago, and is capable of producing some really stunning outdoor lighting effects while dramatically reducing the effort required to adequately light some levels. You can see both Phong Shading and sunlight at work on Jay's to-be-released rerub of The Edge below:

Phong Shading

Health Auras

Health items now emit color-coded auras, based on their type. The effect can be toggled with cl_auras, and defaults to 1 (on).

Health Auroras


There have been numerous bugfixes and improvements. Items now pulsate to help stand out from their surroundings. Both the client and server consoles are now backed by Ncurses if it's available on your platform. There's been tons of cleanup done on the game module code, and we now have a master server, to which the testing servers are reporting!

May 01, 2011 - 14:36pm

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