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Client Configuration

Quetoo's default settings will work fine for most players. Experienced players may wish to tweak key bindings and advanced preferences. Of course, there are a some settings that you'll need to adjust to suit your computer. Below are some of the more commonly changed client settings and commands. Type cvar_list and cmd_list at the console for a full listing.

Userinfo Variables

Controls player's color for rail slug, grappling hook, and blaster trails. Other players will be able to see your color. Valid colors are "default" and a hue from 0 to 360, .. Defaults to "default".
Controls message level filtering of server print messages. Values from 0 through 3 are valid. Defaults to 0 (unfiltered).
Specifies player's net handle. Defaults to your PC's username.
Specifies password for protected servers. Defaults to "".
Controls maximum bandwidth, in bytes per second, to be sent by the server. Values from 6000 (0.75 kB/s) through 25000 (3.125 kB/s) are valid. Defaults to 10000.
Specifies player's model and skin. Defaults to "qforcer/default".

Remote Console Variables

Specifies password for remote console command execution. Defaults to "".
Specifies remote hostname for remote connectionless console command execution. Defaults to "".

General Variables

Controls display of the network profile graph. 0 means disabled, 1 means enabled. Defaults to 1.
Controls display of the framerate and speed meters. 0 means disabled, 1 means enabled. Defaults to 1.
Specifies maximum number of frames rendered per second. Values of 30 or greater are valid. Defaults to 0 (unlimited).


connect <server address>
Connects to the specified server hostname or IP address.
demo <demo name>
Plays back the specified demo.
Disconnects from the current server or stops playback of the current demo.
ping <server address>
Pings the specified server address, retrieving new server information if available.
record <demo name>
Begins recording the current game to the specified demo file.
Stops recording the currently recording demo.
Quits the game.