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Legacy Entities

The vast majority of Quetoo entities are carryovers from Quake 2. You'll notice, however, that several items have been removed, and a few new ones are available. Also, some old items have new spawnflags to alter their behavior. They are as follows:

All items in Quetoo (ammo, armor, weapons, ..) can be made to float in space, rather than drop to the floor upon spawning (which is the default behavior in Quake 2). Set spawnflags to 4 on any item to enable this behavior.
This is the accelerator pad entity so common in Quake 3 Arena, and also fairly popular in later Quake 2 levels. Setting spawnflags to 2 for these entities will make them emit a "rising rings" effect to help them stand out.
This is the lighting gun weapon, which Quetoo adds as a nod to classic Quake.