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The BSP Compiler

Quetoo provides its own cross-platform BSP compilation tool called quemap. The compiler is based on the original Quake 2 tools, but in addition offers the following:

  • Support for large surfaces.
  • High-color texture support during light stage.
  • Performance optimizations, such as not subdividing or lighting sky surfaces.
  • Configurable sunlight, ambient, brightness, saturation, contrast, and lightmap resolution via worldspawn entity.
  • Phong Interpolation (Phong Shading) for simulating curved or organic surfaces.
  • Integrated zip authoring for generating standard distribution pk3 files for your levels.
  • Integrated materials file generation for getting started with the materials system.
  • Cross-platform multithreading.

In addition to these things, the quemap source code is Valgrind clean. The stock tools are riddled with dangerous instructions and memory leaks.

Invoking the compiler is simple and straightforward. You should consider running it via a command prompt or shell rather than through GtkRadiant's build menu.

Standard full compile:

quemap -bsp -vis -light maps/my.map

Fast vis, extra light, two threads:

quemap -t 2 -bsp -vis -fast -light -extra maps/my.map

Materials file generation:

quemap -mat maps/my.map

Pakfile generation (produces map-my.pk3):

quemap -zip maps/my.map

Only entities, no light or vis:

quemap -bsp -onlyents maps/my.map