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The bumpy road of bump mapping..

For the past week or two I've been attempting to add bump mapping to Quake2World's realtime lighting shaders. It's proven to be quite difficult; I've rewritten my shaders from scratch at least 3 times so far. Nevertheless, here are some carefully selected screenshots showing off way-overdone specular highlights on q2dm1.

(Sorry, these screens are no longer available.)

Modernizing the Quake2 renderer

The Quake2World engine draws a fair amount of attention on account of its performance when compared to other Quake- and Quake2-derived engines. On certain hardware, it does benchmark as much as 400% faster than the Quake2 3.21 engine source, upon which it was originally based. And so I figured I'd take a moment to talk about some of my optimizations.

New Quake2World Trailer

Phenax was kind enough to put together a new trailer for Q2W, showing off what the game looks like today. You can see the relatively new hardware based dynamic lighting implementation, the pluggable renderer at work, 3rd person view, and the materials system.



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