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Linux Game Cast's B-Reel features Quake2World

Linux Game Cast has put together a B-Reel of Quake2World deathmatch, presumably running the new GNU/Linux binary build.

GNU/Linux binary installer now available

Linux users can now join in on the Quake2World BETA in just a few clicks. Head to the Downloads page to nab the Quake2World universal installer for 64 bit Linux, and then hit up the Installation & Maintenance page for instructions.

Help wanted!

We're looking for talented, passionate artists and engineers to help make our BETA as successful as possible, and accelerate our march towards a 1.0 release. The following roles are available for immediate contribution:

Quake2World BETA

We're pleased to announce that Quake2World is officially in beta. Head to the Downloads page to get your copy. Here's what's included in our first public release..

Public BETA set for April 1st

This is no April Fools joke. Quake2World will officially enter Public BETA status on 4/1/2012. Here's a quick list of what's been accomplished over the past few months:

Stencil shadows and BSP light sources

In this update, I'll briefly talk about two of the major new features I've added to Quake2World.

Recently, having spent a handful of hours several weeks ago playing AprQ2, I was tempted to add stencil shadows to the Quake2World renderer. Stencil shadows are the result of re-drawing an object using a transform matrix to project the object onto a "floor," and using GL_STENCIL_TEST so that the object appears as a silhouette.

Public Alpha Promo Video on YouTube

If you haven't seen Quake2World in a while, here's a little tease of what you've been missing:

  • 6 original music tracks by Roland Shaw
  • New light and particle effects for the BFG and Hyperblaster
  • New muzzle flash effect for all weapons
  • New weapon kick effect in first-person view
  • New grenade bouncing and rolling physics
  • Massive stabilization improvements to the dedicated and listen server

A few new features, and marching towards a release!

There has been a flurry of recent activity in Subversion lately, and I'm really happy to announce that the Windows build has been sorted out after a couple months of compilation issues. So, if you haven't updated lately, please do so and let us know what you think! Click through for a full list of changes.

OSX build available in Subversion

I figured I should let everyone know that Quake2World is not dead. In fact, there have been a few flurries of development activity over the summer months which included:

  1. Inclusion of 6 original music tracks from Roland Shaw.
  2. Merging of the UFO:AI menus code into trunk.
  3. Miscellaneous cleanup and enhancements along the way.

Most recently, the OSX port has received a lot of attention from yours truly.

My Tastyspleen.net TastyCast interview

Last night [BTF]Jehar, host of the Tastyspleen.net TastyCast radio show gave me a 30 minute opportunity to explain Quake2World to the public. The interview covers my motivation for starting the project, the design goals which have brought us to where we are, and my anticipated direction for the future.

The interview will be airing each night this week on the TastyCast at 9:30pm EST, so by all means tune in.

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