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Updated physics demo

Over the past couple weeks I've been poking at the physics code. When I started, it was some of the gnarliest looking spaghetti I'd ever seen.

Devolver has arrived

TRaK has completed his first original level for Quake2World, titled Devolver. This map has excellent atmosphere and a fun layout for small to medium free-for-all games.

In the Arms of Lilith

spirit's one-versus-one tournament level In the Arms of Lilith is now ready for general consumption. This was a real team effort, combining some 2200 brushes and an original layout by spirit, over 60 normalmaps by keres, and quite a few hours of lighting work from myself. Originally boxed out last July, this map underwent months of play testing and detailing.

Catfight revisited

Recently keres, a new member of the team, took it upon himself to update Lava Croft's original level, Catfight.

TRaK tackles The Frag Pipe

Our accomplished designer TRaK recently undertook remaking the formative classic The Frag Pipe. The remake, while very faithful to the original, is a ground-up rebuild, and uses high-resolution textures from the Quake2Evolved project along with per-pixel lighting.

Site outage and recovery

This weekend, fate dealt the old jdolan.dyndns.org server a healthy serving of irony, with a side of "screw you." Just days after much of the content hosted here was updated or even overhauled, the box suffered a hard drive failure while running a backups script. Some data was corrupted beyond repair or just plain lost.

I've moved the site to a new managed hosting facility, and am in the process of restoring services -- or at least piecing them back together.

Site upgrade and relaunch

Some of you may have noticed the new look around here.  I'm happy to report that the site has been migrated from Drupal 5.1 to Drupal 6.6, and is sporting a new customized theme as well as numerous enhancements and fixes.
I've also installed some new modules to help the site scale and provide optimal SEO.  For that reason, you may find that your old bookmarks no longer work.  Sorry about that, but the new path conventions are here to stay thanks to the Pathauto module.

Quake2World Facebook group

You can now find the Quake2World team on Facebook. The group is open, everyone is free to join it and peep our ugly mugs.

Updated screenshots section

I took a few moments this evening to update the Screenshots section with some new stills of Aghast and Torn Glory, both of which recently received the per-pixel re-rub. The old screenshots have been archived and are available here.

Torn Glory, deluxe edition

Some screens showing off deluxe and bump mapping on Cardo's Torn Glory. The effect is intentionally overdone so that it's evident in still images. I owe LordHavoc for guiding me through this implementation, and taking the time to point out defects and shortcomings in my approach. Thanks very much, LH.

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